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Wager on Safety
Power lines are common on the jobsite and have become a familiar part of our surroundings. Perhaps, because of this, they often go unnoticed. As many as 100 construction workers die each year from contact with power lines. How can you reduce your risk? Play a betting game with yourself.

  • BET yourself that you'll remember the safety rules and regulations associated with working around power lines.
  • BET yourself that you'll lead by example and show coworkers proper safety procedure.
  • BET yourself that you'll remain accident free.

Boundaries Help Keep You Safe
Always create a boundary around power lines to serve as a clearance reminder and to minimize risks to other workers in the area. When using tall or long equipment around power lines, maintain the required safe work distances and encroachment prevention precautions. Consult www.osha.gov for specific requirements.

Examine the Site
Before work begins every day, examine the site and conduct a safety briefing to alert everyone on the jobsite about nearby overhead and underground power lines. Assume all lines are energized and potentially dangerous.

Train Your Crew
Educate everyone on your jobsite about the dangers of working near power lines. Assist your coworkers by showing them how to maintain a safe work environment.

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What’s Next?
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