First Responder Beware

First Responder Beware Electrical Safety Program Participant Satisfaction Survey

Please take a few moments to tell us how our First Responder Beware safety materials worked for you and how we might make our program more useful to you in the future. Your feedback is very important to helping us provide the best, most useful safety training possible.

4. Which do you consider the three most valuable First Responder Beware materials? Please rank them in order of importance by writing 1 to indicate the most valuable, 2 to indicate your 2nd choice, and 3 to indicate your 3rd choice.

5. How effective were the First Responder Beware materials that you used?

6. Which three of the following types of safety training materials do you prefer to receive? Please rank them in order of preference by writing 1 to indicate the type of materials you prefer most, 2 to indicate your second choice, and 3 to indicate your 3rd choice.


7. Why do you use safety training materials? (Please check all that apply.)


8. From which one of the following types of organizations do you get most of your safety training materials?

9. How likely are you to use a free online, interactive safety training website that assesses your employees’/volunteers' learning needs and tracks their progress?
Very Unlikely       

10. Overall, how would you rate the First Responder Beware Program?

11. Please provide the following if you wish. (Optional)

12. Please select your preferred method and the best time of year to receive safety information or offers of free safety training materials:

13. What is your overall opinion of Duke Energy?

Do you have any other comments about our materials or the program?