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Tips from 2024:

Overhead and Underground Safety Practices

Tips from 2023:

Solar Power System Safety
Watch Out for Weatherheads!
Overhead Power Line Clearances
Work Safely Around Overhead Power Lines

Tips from 2022:

Power Line Safety for Tree Workers
Protecting Utilities During Heavy Construction

Tips from 2021:

Always Notify 811 Before You Dig—It’s the Law!
Landscaping and Fencing Safety
Watch Out for Weatherheads!

Tips from 2020:

Avoid Wet-Weather Electrical Hazards
Are Overhead Power Lines Covered with Insulation? NO!
Protect Utility Lines from Excavation and Compaction
Protecting Buried Utilities in These Extraordinary Times
Understanding the Tolerance Zone
Trenchless Technology
Working Safely After Storms

Tips from 2019:

Safely Exposing Buried Utilities

Tips from 2018:

Solar Power System Safety

Tips from 2017:

Move Over and Slow Down for Utility Vehicles and Workers: It’s the Law!
Safe Digging Laws
Watch Your Step Around Electrical Hazards

Tips from 2015:

A Good Rule of Thumb
If You Make Overhead Contact

Tips from 2013:

Hand Digging Techniques
Four Steps for Safe Demolition

Tips from 2011:

Basic Facts About Electricity
Overhead & Underground Safety: Operate Smart, Operate Safely
Overhead Safety Basics: BET Yourself